Video conferencing etiquette business plan

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Video conferencing etiquette business plan

As business owners embrace virtual events as a cost-effective method to achieve a myriad of goals, including webinars, training, and conferences, it's important to ensure that effective communication isn't being traded for bottom-line savings.

While it's unlikely that meeting virtually will completely replace the need for entrepreneurs to meet in person, its ease of adoption and convenience can serve to enhance your business's productivity. However, virtual meetings aren't ideal for every situation, so knowing when and how to utilize this technology is vital.

Donna Dennis, president of Leadership Solutions Consulting, and creator and facilitator of American Management Association 's three-day seminar on Leading Virtual and Remote Teamssays that technology became the main focus; somewhere between people's BlackBerries and e-mail, many leaders lost sight of relationships.

Miller, influencing trainer and author of UP: Influence, Power and the U Perspective: The Art of Getting What You Want, adds, "The biggest mistake people make is assuming that influencing when you are meeting face to face is the same as influencing when you are interacting virtually.

The rules are different because people respond differently when they are interacting virtually. How to Prepare "The first thing we do before deciding what technologies and software will be needed is to decide who the participating audience is and what information is being shared," says Drew Bowers, a research psychologist in the University of Dayton Research Institute's Human Factors Group.

Dennis points out that when you schedule a meeting in a physical location, you can be more casual about the meeting's agenda and providing materials. You also have the advantage of getting attendees up to speed in the hallway, at the coffee machine, etc.

However, a successful virtual meeting requires a lot more upfront preparation. Colaric recommends that virtual meetings be planned out well in advance. Also, make sure to send log-in information access codes, URLs, and call-in numbers at least a day in advance so that participants can test for any software downloads needed.

You may also want to ask participants to log in at least 15 minutes prior to the start to test connectivity, suggests Laura Stack, author and president of The Productivity Pro, a time-management training firm. Give out a method to reach you offline should a panelist encounter problems, says Stack.

If you are hosting a single presenter with a large audience tuning in, then it is a good idea to have a facilitator designated to assist the main presenter.

The facilitator can support participants with technical issues as well as monitor any chat questions that come in. Having the presenter try to read chat questions slows down the flow of the presentation. Technical Tools and Requirements The beauty of online meeting technology is that even the most fledgling, bare bones operation, can use it.

Larger groups may also need a projection screen or large TV monitor. KIS-;keep it simple-; is the best way to have people focus on your message and not the technology. Entrepreneurs also need to be mindful that not every video conferencing system will work together.

Avoid the embarrassment of delays and technical glitches by testing the connectivity of all sites before the meeting. The advantage of virtual meetings is the ability to hold them almost anywhere-; the disadvantage of virtual meetings is also the ability to hold them almost anywhere.

Business Planning | A Revolutionary Approach to Business Planning Email Chances are if you are growing a business at some point you will need to schedule virtual meetings to connect with telecommutersgive a presentation to clients, connect with outsourced partners, host a webinar, or pre-screen potential new hires. Whatever the reason, if you are an entrepreneur, you will find yourself hosting, or invited to, a virtual meeting.
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Online meeting attendees can call or log in from the local coffeehouse, airport lounges, home offices, etc.

To minimize background or "road noise" you don't want your child, pet, or ringing phones to become the focus you can opt to "mute all attendees and only take questions via the chat box," says Stack. Maurer also advises against trying to squeeze multiple things into a single meeting.

If you must cover more items, then give people time to stretch, take a bathroom break, or replenish their coffee. Keep each segment of the meeting short - no longer than 30 minutes. Striped shirts do not transmit well on camera nor does large, shiny jewelry.

Both can be visually distracting.Videoconferencing Etiquette and Meeting Tips Compiled by Alan Hecht, Stephanie Janson, and Carol McQuiggan A videoconference is simply another type of meeting and all typical meeting rules still apply – be. The Video Network Center (VNC) service provides the Defense Health Agency (DHA) with a unique worldwide video and audio conferencing capability that links healthcare providers, patients, senior leadership, Military Health System (MHS), staff, academia, the healthcare industry, and other DoD or federal organizations delivering health care.

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Video Conferencing Etiquette and Tips Read through these quick tips for ideas on how to optimize your video conferencing experience. You'll find tips for a better meeting as well as simple suggestions for improving video and audio quality and for showing documents.

video conferencing etiquette business plan

Creating a Data Management Plan; Access to Services and . Video Conferencing Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts. by Gemma Falconer ; in Lead — 9 Dec, ; Photo - A Boy Named Sue.

video conferencing etiquette business plan

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