The los angeles riots essay

The media anointed Smith the public spokesman on American race relations. Magazines and television talk shows clamor for her. Driving from a Watts district that resembles Beirut to Hollywood soundstages where the riots are being dramatized, past burnt-out Korean mini-malls and to the Simi Valley courthouse where it all ignited, Smith spoke with anyone who might offer some coherence to the chaos. The Taper staff, anticipating controversy and eager to explore their personal experiences of the riots, reorganized their development process to support the ambitious world premiere.

The los angeles riots essay

Delk Parts of Los Angeles can be extremely dangerous.

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The county had overgang members and there were gang-related homicides reported in It is not surprising that many police officers admit they "lost the streets" The los angeles riots essay years ago, with many neighborhoods in the city dominated by rival gangs.

Drug deals are often conducted openly, without even a pretense of cover-up.

The los angeles riots essay

Gunshots and fires routinely occur on a normal night in some of those neighborhoods, which are carefully avoided by most law-abiding citizens.

That was the environment when the Rodney King verdict was announced on April 29, Riots erupted, and shortly after 9: The call was not expected because the CA ARNG had repeatedly been assured they would not be needed for any disturbances resulting from the Rodney King verdict.

As a consequence of those assurances, considerable riot control equipment had been loaned to other agencies. In spite of the no-waming start, there were 2, Guardsmen marshaled in Southern California armories within six hours.

The los angeles riots essay

Units were dispatched early in the afternoon of April 30th, based on informal requests by law enforcement leadership before formal tasking arrangements had been established. I later met with the sheriff, chief of police and commissioner of the California Highway Patrol in the sheriff's office.

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A situation report was provided by the chief of police, whose greatest immediate concern was for protection of firemen responding to numerous arson fires in the riot area. Several had already been wounded and many were refusing to leave their stations without escort.

It was quickly agreed that the Highway Patrol would escort fire trucks, with ambulances later added to their mission. After a brief discussion, it was decided that all mission taskings would flow through the Sheriff's Emergency Operations Center where the sheriff, police and military would be co-located along with a representative of the State Office of Emergency Services.

Unlike Watts, a comparatively small neighborhood, these riots encompassed a huge area that stretched over 32 miles from the Hollywood Hills to Long Beach.

Communications deteriorated when the troops were first sent in, as radios were ineffective due to built-up areas and the great distances involved, but were quickly reestablished using commercial and cellular phones.

Guardsmen were quickly committed into chaotic areas where there was considerable shooting, fires and looting. Guardsmen were then scattered throughout the affected area, often down to the fire team level.

Thirty shooting incidents were reported in one night. There was considerable risk taking, especially the first fewnights. Lock plates are required to be installed in M16 and M16A1 rifles to prevent automatic fire during civil disturbances.

This is a comparatively complex process, requiring a trained armorer or maintenance contact team. We did not have time, so most soldiers were committed before the plates were installed.Scholarly analysis of urban riots suggests common origins for riots rooted in the politics of inequality and poverty.

The Los Angeles riots came when the fight for civil rights was at its height in the United States, and this incident was seen largely as part of a deep racial divide within the country between blacks and whites. Los Angeles Riots April 29, THE FIRE LAST TIME: April 26 - May 2, A Neighborhood Just West of Downtown.

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by Jonathan Gold. MAY 7, -- IT IS 8 O'CLOCK, AND THE light has started to fade as I sit on the floor of my apartment staring at the spot where the rain not so much dripped as oozed from the doorjamb a couple . In the case of the LA Riots, the underlying tension and racism within the community would have made it seem “that America had erased its civil rights achievements and leapt back to the late s and the years of black rage, from Watts, in Los Angeles, through Detroit and Newark, to Washington DC”3.

Los Angeles Riots of In five pages this paper examines the LA riots that occurred during the spring of from the perspectives of Kyeyoung Park, a sociologist; Lou Cannon, a journalist; and Anna Deavere Smith, an artist. Los Angeles riots Paper instructions: Rather than an opinion-based research paper, this report will simply include the facts about your topic and answer the five questions provided.

Korean American Coalition-Los Angeles (KAC) is a (c)(3) nonprofit organization established in to promote the civic and civil rights interests of the Korean American community.

KAC endeavors to achieve these goals through education, community organization, leadership development, and coalition-building with diverse communities.

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