The dietary advice for all types of athletes

Open What does NSF certification of bottled water cover? Production facilities are audited for good manufacturing practices as well as risk management systems to help ensure that the final product is safe. NSF certification also helps ensure that products are labeled with the proper standard of identity for the type of water indicated on the label and that any added ingredients are properly disclosed. Open Which kitchen appliances did NSF find to harbor the most germs?

Never having had Athelete's Foot I was totally niave and wandered around many a hotel room rug barefoot and used moisturizers on my feet, legs, hands elbow and knees. It's not the bathroom or pool you have to worry about, it's the rugs!! On my feet I have what is known as "moccasin style" Athelete's Foot.

What that means is that there is a purple blue infection on the bottom and sides of the foot like a moccasin. Hard as heck to cure. Six years later I'm still battling it, fortunately for me I live in a warm climate and can mostly wear open shoes with no socks or stockings, but when at a client site I have to wear closed shoes and socks.

On a very recent trip I came home only to find that I had a severe relapse on my feet and red lesions on my ankles and shins. I had worn Dr Scholls Diabetic Socks in my closed toed, but ventilated shoes, thinking they would be good for my feet and let them breathe Unfortunately I didn't realize they weren't cotton based.

Look for socks that are 90 per cent cotton or more. On top of that I also had toenail fungus which I'd never had before. It got so bad that in a matter of days I lost most of one toenail.

The dietary advice for all types of athletes

Desperately, I searched and found this site. I went out and bought several bottles of Absorbine, jr and instead of Vicks Vapor Rub I bought Tiger Balm Ointment Ultra which is much stronger, but also more expensive.

It works, but also irritated the skin so a mild secondary bacteria infection set in. I used that for three weeks and also did salt water and lemon juice or ACV foot soaks as often as I could. I finally got the infection to a point where I felt I could go back to my nail shop without infecting the entire community I live in.

My nail shop is run by a lovely, caring, giving Viet Nahmese couple who would do anything to promote good, healthy feet. I trust them implicitly. They clean and sterilize all their metallic tools and UV them as well.

I still suspect the toenail fungus came from my theraputic pedicures which were healing my skin, but it occured to me that the emery boards, buffer pads and some solutions used for French Pedicures, my favorite, were shared with other clients Thus the toenail fungus.

It's appearance with the recurrance of Athelete's Foot was pure coincidence. Long ago they taught and convinced me of the value of rubbing fresh lemon or lime wedges on toes and other areas of the foot. It's always worked before now. Salt foot soaks with either lemon juice or ACV have also worked up until now.

The dietary advice for all types of athletes

They were shocked to see what happened to my feet, toenails, ankles and shins in just one week of closed shoes and socks. I stayed away from the shop for two weeks after so it was a total of three weeks. One week later now four weeks, after visiting them here's what has made DRAMATIC improvement, meaning almost no red or pink lesions and the toenails beginning to heal.

I can do it once or twice a day on weekends but during the week it's hard to do it even once a day. Soak for at least 15 minutes. This works really well if you do it just before bedtime. My friends at the nail shop gave me, as a gift, they were NOT practicing medicine A tiny tube of oinment I do not believe can be purchased in the US.

It contains Clotrimazole, an antifungal, Betamethasone, not sure what that does, and Gentamicin, a powerful antibiotic. They suggested I put it on the very red angry lesions. I did and I could see results in hours.

If you are in a country other than the US you may be able to purchase this ointment.By - About health and how to lead a healthy life.

Lot of diet tips and tips for healthy living. Latest news about health, general information about diseases and its cure,About Ayurveda and its origin,Ayurvedhic Body Types and its Dietary tips.

Pain is the number one reason someone is going to receive a pair of orthotics, most often from a podiatrist or chiropractor. Although most orthotic wearers suffer from foot pain (such as plantar fasciitis), others are using them for knee, hip, or even back pain.

The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance [Loren Cordain, Joe Friel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A breakthrough nutrition strategy for optimum athletic performance, weight loss and peak health based on the Stone Age diet humans were designed to eat.

Paleo-style diets are all the rage as fitness enthusiasts. A standard is a set of voluntary, consensus-based criteria. Our goal is to protect the food we eat, the water we drink, the healthcare products we use, the air we breathe and the environment we live in.

In my recent Context of Calories post, I explained how the different macronutrients we eat at each meal (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) have different effects in the body. I suggested that, despite their raw calorie values, it’s far more important to get a lasting intuitive sense of how much.

Yes you should remove most fruit sugar from your diet, but you shouldn’t remove it all. You gotta be realistic such a diet can be a challenge to follow (since we’re wired to love sugar) biologically, and socially (food is a big part of many people’s social activities and social standing) and emotionally (I’ve had a bad day, I deserve some ice cream).

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