Reverse engineering of steering system with

In short, the code written in high level language needs to be interpreted into low level or machine language. The process of converting the code written in high level language into a low level language without changing the original program is known as reverse engineering. If we have a look at the subject of reverse engineering in the context of software engineering, we will find that it is the practice of analyzing the software system to extract the actual design and implementation information. A typical reverse engineering scenario would comprise of a software module that has been worked on for years and carries the line of business in its code; but the original source code might be lost, leaving the developers only with the binary code.

Reverse engineering of steering system with

Instead of buying a new car, I decided to build one myself! You can find aftermarket backup cameras online that you can put above your license plate, and they make them for many car models. However, you need to find a way to display it somewhere on the dashboard.

Reverse engineering of steering system with

The time, current radio station, outside temperature, etc… To summarize, I needed to: It replaces the cover of one of my plate lights.

The outputted analog video was already mirrored and even had an overlay to guide me when parking. The hardest part was to bring the cable from the rear of the car to the dashboard.

I had to remove a dozen plastic covers to cleanly route it along existing cables. But after a few hours it was cleanly installed, with a single video cable coming from the dashboard! I found a website which sells the screen enclosure without the screen for much cheaper.

The screen has multiple inputs: There is even a specific pin on the board to automatically switch to the analog video input, which is perfect for a backup camera. But how can I connect an Arduino to my car? In Europe, car manufactured after are required to include it.

After some digging, it turns out that every piece of electronic of my car is connected to a CAN bus. The CAN bus is present in most car nowadays because it allows to have much less cables than before. It requires only two cables and every node connected on it can talk to each other.

CAN bus reverse-engineering with Arduino and iOS – Alexandre Blin – Medium

Nodes send and receives frames with a numeric ID and up to 8 bytes of data. The content of each frame is not publicly documented and probably unique to each brand of car, since this is not standardized like the OBD-II protocol.

Luckily, I found the website of a university teacher who taught a course on CAN buses, and the students did practical work on… a Peugeot ! It did not contain information on the frames I needed, but I learned that my car actually has 3 different CAN buses: I found an unused connector on the back of my radio unit.

Apparently, its purpose is to connect an optional CD changer. And to my delight, I started receiving CAN frames! So I made a Python script to have a better visualization of the frames: The frames are ordered by ID. Being able to see bytes changing in real-time made it much easier to decode the frames: By turning the volume of the radio up and down, I immediately found that the volume level was in frame Shifting to reverse gear flips a bit in frame This is perfect as I could connect the Arduino to the LCD controller board to switch to the backup camera video automatically.

I was lucky this information was on the confort bus, as far as I know there is nothing which displays the current gear on the dashboard Current radio station: The outside temperature can be negative, which means they had to find a way to represent negative numbers.

I put my finger on the temperature sensor and tried to see which value was slowly going up.21 Reverse Engineering of Steering System with Developed Equation for Steer Angle PRINCIPLE The relative motion between the wheels of a vehicle at the road surface should be of a pure rolling type so that wear of the tires is minimum and uniform.

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WikiProject Engineering may be able to help recruit an expert. (September ). 9 Introduction to Automobile Engineering leavers, linkages, pedals, cams, etc. Hand brake or parking brake is usually a mechanical brake.

These are used for parking the vehicles on sloppy surfaces and. Reverse Engineering of Steering System with Developed Equation for Steer Angle Abstract — This paper deals with the steering mechanism in detail.

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