Panama canal essay conclusion

Among the great peaceful endeavors of mankind that have contributed significantly to progress in the world, the construction of the Canal stands as an awe-inspiring achievement. The idea of a path between North and South America is older than their names. More than three centuries passed before the first construction was started.

Panama canal essay conclusion

Many people believe it was built for control over the oceans or having a stronger military. This essay paper will explore the problems and the importance of building the Panama Canal.

The United States built the Panama Canal as a cost off million dollars. For ten years, thousands of workers worked on it The World Book Encyclopedia It was during the Spanish American war when many had learned that there should be a canal built across the Central America isthmus Bailey et al Theodore Roosevelt became the President of the United States in Roosevelt believed that the United States needed a strong navy who could patrol the oceans of the world.

Panama canal essay conclusion first step in building the canal was to get an O. The same treaty also provided that the United States would give Colombia an initial payment of 10 million and pay 25, annual rent for use of the zone Bailey et al Roosevelt wanted the government of Columbia to sign the treaty, but many Colombians thought it was unfair Mann Although the treaty sounds pretty tempting the Colombian legislature refused to approve the treaty because they felt is was not enough money The World Encyclopedia Many Panamanians did not like being part of Colombia and wanted their independence.

The revolution lasted three days and Panama had won their independence twelve days later Panama signed the treaty with the U. The greatest obstacle in building the Panama Canal was disease. The Isthmus of Panama was one of the most disease-ridden areas in the world The World Encyclopedia When the Americans took over to build the canal many diseases took the lives of laborers.

Roosevelt realized the job would never get done if workers were getting sick and dying Mann After his realization Roosevelt sent a world famous expert on tropical disease to Panama to lead the fight against yellow fever and Malaria.

Dr William Gorgas had earned his good reputation by completely wiping out yellow fever in an island in Cuba internet 1. Unfortunately Gorgas did not get the job done right away in Panama because in there was an outbreak of yellow fever that caused a panic in the Canal Zone.

Many workers left the country and the Canal Construction came to a hold. Gorgas had a sanitary department with 4, workers who worked hard to eliminate the mosquitoes that spread yellow fever Mann William Gorgas had completely wiped out yellow fever and eliminated the rats that carried the bubonic plague.

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The Panama Canal was certainly ready for some more building. Many thought the diseases was enough and nothing else could go wrong, but there was still a tremendous problem that came up in Panama.

Americans were building the Panama Canal according to the French Plan The French tried to build the canal before the Americans and failed. That part of the plan was impossible. Roosevelt ignored the impossibility to build the canal so he stayed with the idea of having a sea level canal.

But by John Stevens was the chief engineer of the Panama Canal. The Chagres River was another large and dangerous obstacle the Americans overcame.

Panama canal essay conclusion

I was the largest river in Panama and with rainfall it could destroy almost everything in its path including the canal Mann The lock canal plan had solved that problem. It called for a dam and the river was backed up behind the dam creating Gatun Lake.

This was part of the canal required no excavation and saved Americans time and money Mann Although the Americans were saving time and money there was still a greater challenge over their heads. It was called the Cordillera Mountains and tremendous digging had to be done. It turned out to be the most difficult, dangerous, and heart breaking part of the job Mann The builders had to remove earth and rock.In conclusion, the Panama Canal plays a major role in America's economy.

If America's imperialism in Panama never happened the canal would have never been built and none of the U.S. ships would have a shorter way to import or export goods.

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The Panama Canal Essay Example Essay on The Panama Canal: The Panama Canal is an international waterway that stretches up to 50 miles connecting two large water bodies namely the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

In conclusion, both the Americans and the French took risks when confronting the building of the Panama Canal. The abundance of disease in Panama at the time posed a great threat, and the nature of the terrain made building the Canal itself a difficult task.

panama canal essays The history of the Panama Canal begins in the ’s when the Clayton-Bulwer treaty was signed on April 19, This treaty between the United States and Great Britain stated that neither country could excavate in the Colombian area.

At the time prospecting for. The topic that will be researched and analyzed in the following essay has to do with the Imperialist Era in the United States. The question is: “To what extend did the Panama Canal lead to our success as Imperialists? Focused response essay paper secret life of bees critical essays what republic act prohibits smoking in public places argumentative essay think globally act locally essay help colmillo blanco analysis essay buffy the vampire slayer intro words essay ann woodlief transcendentalism essay crab mentality essays gleichmann electronics research papers.

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