How to write a free debt settlement letter sample

If the collection notice has an account number on it, put it here.

How to write a free debt settlement letter sample

They are surprised to find C forms in their mailboxes, which report to the IRS the forgiven debt balances as ordinary income. Many consumers are totally shocked to find they might owe taxes on cancelled debt balances. Is there anything I can do about it? How can a debt be treated as income? The logic is that the consumer enjoyed the goods and services purchased on credit.

So when the lender has to record a loss on part of the balance, the IRS takes the position that this is equivalent to income to the consumer. Fortunately, there is a loophole provided by the IRS in the form of the insolvency exclusion.

how to write a free debt settlement letter sample

If you are insolvent at the time you reach a settlement with a creditor, then you can offset the C income up to the total amount by which you were insolvent. That depends on your net worth situation. In this situation, no extra tax liability would result from the Cs issued for the settlements, and the insolvency exemption has come to the rescue.

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How debt-to-income ratios work

In that situation, your net worth would be positive. The above seems pretty simple when laid out like this, but for some reason, this entire discussion on insolvency still seems to throw many people a curveball.

I see a lot of confusion on how to calculate net worth, and one of the biggest misunderstandings pertains to income. Income is not an asset, until it becomes excess cash in your bank account, after expenses. So just because you have a job with a steady paycheck, that does not block you from claiming the insolvency exemption via Form You can still owe more in debt than you own in assets even if you are working steadily.

Another stumbling block is when to perform the net-worth calculation. Technically, the IRS says you must calculate net worth at the time of settlement.

OK, but what is the time of settlement? Is it the date the creditor verbally agrees to settle? Or is it the date their accounting department actually makes the ledger entry to write off the forgiven part of balance — and how could we ever know that date anyway?Have you used one of these Sample Letters?

Was it helpful? We would really appreciate your feedback. Take our 2 minute survey. The Financial Rights Legal Centre provides several letter templates that you can use to write to your creditors, insurers or Ombudsmen.

How to Write a Debt Settlement Proposal Letter (with Samples) Use these sample debt settlement proposal letters as templates for your formal notification. There are many reasons why consumers get deeper and deeper into debt, and some of the reasons are out of the consumer’s control.

If you have been contacted by a debt collector that is not the original creditor or representing the original creditor, I think it would be smart to ask the debt collector to validate the debt and prove you actually owe it if there is any doubt on your part you owe the debt.

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Even if you prefer to write your own version of a letter to the credit card company, be sure that it has all of the required information in it. Credit card issuers offer plans to reduce interest rates on credit cards through hardship plans, debt management plans, credit counseling plans, or offer balance concessions through debt settlement, which go a long way in helping their customers avoid this way (credit card payment concessions), Capital One is not all that different from other credit card banks.

How to Write a Debt Settlement Proposal Letter (with Samples)