Higher french essay health

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Higher french essay health

My choice was this: I realised that French would broaden my horizons so much more than chemistry, and that is why I chose it. Higher french essay health can speak French. After the exams I felt that all of my hard work paid off, and that was confirmed when my results came.

Thanks again On 7th March Wilf said: I hope it goes well tomorrow… On 30th March Gary said: Hi this is a really great sight. I want to do Languages at uni and become an ML teacher.

I thought my oral went OK and my folio pieces are not bad. Could you explain to me how you translated the French into good English as I find this impossible to do, I just want to write down what I see on the paper.

Please give me advice. On 30th March Wilf said: You just need to take all the time to polish them up and learn them to the extent that you think you need to. Even just learning a handful of general purpose, but very good sentences could be very handy to weave into your writing. I always found listening the hardest, but whilst revising for my AH exams, it finally clicked for me.

I always had great difficultly listening and writing down my answers, until I tried not writing anything until the sound had finished.

Higher french essay health

I often am conscious of my English word choice and structuring — having a blog and all — so my experience here probably made this part a bit easier for me. Keep the tense the same, retain all details abjectives etc and meaning, but apart from that, rearrange it as you like to suit English.

Your NAB is obviously your priority.

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Then answer the questions just as if the exam was your friend asking a few questions. For each question there is a specific part of the passage where the answer will be found. I hope some of this has helped. On 12th April Daniel said: This blog looks excellent!

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Looks like your blog could be a great help though, thanks for taking the time to do it! On 12th April Wilf said: On 3rd May Katie said: I would just like to say this is a really useful blog and I will be coming back to check the tips frequently until the exam on the 18th!

My own oral went very smoothly I hope aside from a fire drill being run halfway through! I am very impressed that you got an A, which I was hoping for having topped the class for French and German Higher and Int 2 but not as sure now since the course is very challenging.

Can I ask a couple of questions? Firstly, did you find the actual past papers easier than the ones used for prelims? Secondly, how would you recommend revising for the writing — learn phrases or learn essays?

On 3rd May Wilf said: I remember finding the past papers quite difficult actually, and being suprised that I did quite well in my prelim. The actual exam I felt was probably a bit easier than previous years, but overall I think the level of all the papers that I did was quite consistent.

For the writing, I think learning phrases is much more important. Phrases can be used in many situations, but whole essays are more limiting in their flexibility.

Good luck on the 18th! On 4th May Gary said: Hi WIlf, thanks for your reply. I found it really helpful. My marks are slowly but surely starting to increase, especially with the Reading Comprehension and Listening.Talking about social issues in French requires a knowledge of vocabulary, an awareness of grammar and the ability to express opinions effectively.

Higher French SQA Past Papers with Answers. National 5 Design & Manufacture SQA Specimen and Past Papers with Answers. National 5 Health & Food Technology SQA Specimen and Past Papers with Answers. National 5 Drama . Higher French learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic.

I used to eat foods that are easily to prepare in short period of time for example French fries, chicken nuggets or even pizza without paying attention to its nutrition if they are harmful or healthy for my health.

Health, family, future plans. not bothering with town and country, very unlikely it will be that again seeing as it was last year. Worried about my short essay though, and directed writing. My french writing is poor and I need a B. Got an A for my prelim but only because we managed to figure out the short essay title!

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