Award korean air

I spent 4 hours over two days trying to get these tickets booked. The first day I almost gave up, but I decided to try again with a rep and through some miracle it was able to book them both. The issue we were having was, despite seeing the available seats in both computers, it would not let me book two tickets. Eventually we tried both at the same time and it finally worked.

Award korean air

Either way, stopovers are as a long as you want, and the routing rules as pretty loose.

Flight Awards - Korean Air

Although, I hope the post includes everything you need to know. So I took it upon myself to make the award chart below. Prices are in thousands of miles and are roundtrip: Hawaii is the obvious one.

But Virgin is a lot more limited in routes than SkyTeam… by a lot. There are discounts on specific routes flown by a specific airlines. This is great, as the normal price isin economy andin Business.

This is a great addition to that. But you still may be interested in a basic roundtrip ticket with a stopover.

Etihad Airways

Any flight within Indonesia on the partner Garuda is 20, miles roundtrip. And if you want, stopover in Bali. This means you could fly into Iceland cheapish and book a roundtrip to Turkey or Georgia for 25, miles. Plus you could stopover in Paris or something.

In terms of getting around Europe, this is about as cheap as it gets and includes as much as it gets. And fuel surcharges within Europe are very mild, and at the very least, less than the airport taxes.

Plus, no fuel surcharges to South America. Maybe they would discount codeshares? Which reminds me, on AirFrance. The entire thing is bizarre.

Award korean air

But the routes I do see are the few following: But to recap, there are some great uses: Extra routing rules, the countries for each region, and some discount prices. Neither stopover nor transfer in Asia1 and Asia 2 are allowed in case of traveling Middle East-Asia 3 routes.

Neither stopover nor transfer in Asia 1 and Asia 2 are allowed in case of traveling Africa-Asia 3 routes.

Korean Air Wins Global Catering Distinction Award

Countries in each region Asia 1 Korea, Japan:This means, you can now book Korean Air awards online and use the Korean Air miles to fly Delta to Hawaii and Mexico for 12, one-way in coach, flights that would normally cost 22, Delta miles to Hawaii or 17, miles to Mexico at the cheapest award level.

Korean Airlines finally moved into the 21st century with online partner award bookings. Now you can use Korean Air miles to book award flights on Skyteam partners, without .

In addition to the mileage redemption amounts indicated below, award tickets require payment of government-imposed taxes and fees and carrier-imposed charges from $15 (for Korean domestic travel) or from $37 (for international travel).

Korean Air has the absolute best first class award availability. Most Korean flights will feature at least 2 first class award seats, but 3 and 4 is common on some routes. Most Korean flights will feature at least 2 first class award seats, but 3 and 4 is common on some routes.

Award change fees: Currently, there’s no fee at all for changing a Korean Air award ticket. With this change, Korean is adding fee of 30, Korean Won — which is currently about US$27 — for a change to an award ticket.

Feb 15,  · Korean Air from Korea to the US, Europe or Australia for 80, miles one-way Korean Air also offers a solid first class product that can be booked by transferring Chase points to Skypass, Korean.

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